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We've got options for everyone!

We've got options for everyone!
sean prusak - Mon Feb 21, 2011 @ 06:11AM
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From car washing to restorative detailing, 2nd Look Detailing is your local quality source.

Need a good weekly maintenance visit? We do weekly washes/ monthly plans.

Need a great complete detail? That's our specialty! We have numerous options for you.

On a budget but want the detailed look without the price? We do great affordable mini details!

Drove through a new road and have asphalt all over the sides of your car? We can fix that.

Did you rub up against a yellow pole or the side of your garage opening? We can remove that paint transfer, buff out most scratches and touch up others. We can usually make it look 80-100% better in a few hours! We can also refer you to a mobile dent repair company. SAVE hundreds or thousands over body shop charges!

Need a unique gift idea? Give them the gift they won't soon forget! Detailing Gift Certificates are a welcomed treat. We will transform their car and put a big grin on their face. Call us now and ask about our multiple certificate discount!

Comments: 52


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